About us

ToroMatcha is introducing a line of Matcha Energy Infusion Drinks. With only 60mg of natural caffeine, a can of ToroMatcha provides hours of energy with no jitters and no crash. At ToroMatcha, we’re staying true to the authentic brewing process of matcha. Our matcha drinks are organic, natural, vegan and handcrafted in small batches – never compromised. At ToroMatcha, we’re proud to remain a Canadian owned & operated company. As we continue to embrace our innovative spirit, customer satisfaction remains our top priority.



Oussama discovered and started drinking matcha in 2015 when he was an engineering student. Matcha replaced his daily coffee and made him feel much more energized and focused. Since then, it became Oussama's mission to make matcha accessible for everyone, everywhere. At 25, he created the first Canadian brand of ready-to-drink matcha and became the first to put it on shelves in Canada. "A successful day begins with a quick workout and a ToroMatcha".

- Oussama, 28