About us

ToroMatcha was introduced by Toro Beverages Inc (Toro) to serve the rapidly expanding natural energy drink category. ToroMatcha Energy Infusion Drinks deliver healthy long-lasting energy without the negative side effects of caffeine. Toro's business is built on the principles and foundations laid by the giants of the industry. Toro is proud to remain a Canadian owned and operated company.

Our story

Toro was founded by Oussama Saoudi (Sam); a matcha addict who grew up in Morocco before moving to Canada in 2014 to complete his Masters degree in engineering. Sam used to be a huge coffee consumer back then. After discovering matcha, the caffeine jitters and the energy slumps were gone. Sam is now on a mission to bring the good energy of matcha to the world in a way that's easy to drink and that everyone can consume on the go.

Want to learn more? Check out our corporate website at https://torobeverages.com/