About us

ToroMatcha is introducing a line of Matcha Energy Infusion Drinks. Made with Japanese Uji matcha and only natural ingredients, a can of ToroMatcha provides hours of energy with no jitters and no crash. At ToroMatcha, we’re staying true to the authentic brewing process of matcha. Our matcha drinks are sugar-free, sweetener-free, organic, natural, vegan and handcrafted in small batches – never compromised.


Meet the team 


Oussama Saoudi
Founder & CEO

At 25, Oussama created the first ever Canadian brand of ready-to-drink matcha and became the first to put it on shelves in Canada. "A successful day begins with a quick workout and a ToroMatcha"


Laurent Sfez
Director of Sales & Partner

Laurent is a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in business development. Laurent is a real Cosmopolitan. He built and exited companies in Europe and Asia before moving to Canada in 2015.