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Matcha Energy Infusion Drinks

Discover our line of Matcha Energy Infusion Drinks. With 2 grams of Japanese matcha, no sugar and only natural ingredients, a can of ToroMatcha provides hours of energy with no jitters and no crash. At ToroMatcha, we’re staying true to the authentic brewing process of matcha. Our matcha drinks are organic, natural, vegan and handcrafted in small batches – never compromised.

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Sustained energy, no jitters

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Focused mind

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Organic & Natural, No BS

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Find our sparkling matcha at a store near you

Our sparkling matcha drinks are available at many retailers across Canada, including Loblaws, Whole Foods, Fortinos, Rachelle Béry, Tau, Healthy Planet and many more! Locate a store near you and grab a can (or two) !

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Uji matcha powder

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Blue matcha powder

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Roasted Hojicha powder

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Use coupon NEW10 to get 10% off your first one-time order. And keep in mind that the delivery is and will always be free.

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