Why is drinking matcha so good for your skin

Drinking green tea is good for you: the tea plant Camellia sinensis is full of good stuff like antioxidants, vitamins, and chlorophyll.

But did you know that matcha is even better? Because matcha is stronger than regular green tea, one cup of matcha can have the nutritional value of 10 cups of green tea. And these nutrients are not only good for your tummy and your taste buds, they can be amazing for the health of your skin. Matcha is a great source of catechins. It's a natural phenol and type of antioxidant which helps with inflammation, rosacea, and even acne on skin. Antioxidants work their magic by binding to free radicals, dangerous molecules mostly caused by UV radiation and pollution. Because of this, they reduce UV radiation damage in the skin, leaving your skin looking younger and smoother.

Chlorophyll is also an active ingredient present in matcha tea and therefore, in ToroMatcha! It naturally contains lots and lots of chlorophyll because of how the leaves are grown. Weeks before the tea leaves are ready to be harvested, farmers cover the plants with bamboo mats. Reduced sunlight maximizes the chlorophyll production in the tea plants. When they are ready to be harvested, the leaves are full of lovely chlorophyll. In nature, chlorophyll is what makes plants green and what helps plants convert sunlight and water into energy (remember photosynthesis?). For the benefits of your skin, chlorophyll does wonders for blemishes, healing, and protection from harmful UV rays.

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