6 easy tips to stop procrastinating

6 easy tips to stop procrastinating

We've all been there, there's a big project at work, a long essay due at school, or the spring cleaning that desperately needs to happen. But the task at hand seems so overwhelming that you end up pushing it back until the last minute and the panic kicks in. If you thrive under the pressure of last-minute panic, you do you. But for those trying to finish the task without the stress, here are some tips to help you stop procrastinating and get the job done.


Make a list of what you need to accomplish today and start with the toughest. Plan out what needs to be done either in the morning or the day before, and identify which one of these is the one you dread the most. That's the one to start you day with! Most people are more productive in the morning right after they wake up, so this is the best time to tick off the toughest task. After this, you'll feel good about yourself and the rest of your to-do list will seem less daunting.


Set out to work on the task for 30 minutes Thinking about all the hours you're going to spend on this assignment can be daunting. Instead, just set out to work on it for a short period of time. This takes out the intimidation factor out of the job and it's quite easy to force yourself to work for 30 minutes. Once you start working on the task, you'd be surprised at how you can keep going at it past the 30 minutes.


Have a reward waiting for you as soon as you accomplish the task. If you're the person that thrives if you know that there's something good at the end of the tunnel, use that to your advantage! Push yourself through the assignment by looking forward to a reward afterwards. And once you finish the task, get a snack, go on a short walk, chat with your office neighbour.


Work in an environment where you won't be consistently distracted. You've finally sat down to get your work done, but your phone keeps popping up notifications, the radio keeps playing your favorite song, and you can smell something delicious from the office kitchen. Think about what could distract you during your work and remove these distractions from your environment. Turn off the internet, put your phone on silent, switch to a different spot. Once you start working and get the groove on, make sure nothing will take your mind off of your task.


As great of a multitasker as you think you are, you're not. Don't try to do several things at the same time, it'll just waste time. If you have several things to do, decide the order in which you're going to do them and work on one task at a time. Our brains aren't wired to juggle multiple tasks at the same time, so trying to do so will just prolong the amount of time necessary to accomplish everything.


Keep your energy levels high throughout the task. No matter how good your work environment is and how motivated you are to do your task, if you start dozing off in the middle of it, you won't get far. Make sure to keep your mind energized so it can stay focused on the task at hand. While coffee may be most people's go-to solution for this, ToroMatcha is actually a better option. It releases caffeine steadily into your body, so you won't get the spike and crash of energy you normally experience from caffeine. This is a lot healthier for the body, and the energy will also last for a longer period.

Did you find these tips helpful? Tell us how you keep yourself from procrastinating!

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