Frequently asked questions

How much matcha per can?
2 grams of organic Japanese Uji matcha per can.

I can’t find ToroMatcha at my local store. What do I do? 
We’d love to know which store is interested in buying ToroMatcha. Please e-mail us the store’s info at and we will work to make it happen.

What’s ToroMatcha?
ToroMatcha is our idea of what a healthy energy drink should be. Each can contains 2g of organic Uji matcha, which is a powerful source of healthy energy and antioxidants. It’s organic and it is made with vegan, gluten-free and good-for-you ingredients.

Why the name “ToroMatcha”?

In Japanese, the word Toro means a slow current in a river, which resembles the slow release of caffeine from matcha.

Why is the energy from ToroMatcha good for you?
Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder obtained by grinding the leaf buds of green tea into a nutritious powder. As a result, drinking matcha means consuming the entire nutrients found in green tea leaves. Due to its composition, most of the caffeine in matcha is bound to larger molecules and the caffeine gets released into the body very gradually as these larger molecules become degraded. This ensures a slow and steady flow of caffeine into the system, preventing the cortisol and insulin spikes associated with ingestion of high caffeine content from coffee and energy drinks.

What’s in a can of ToroMatcha?
Simply put, a ToroMatcha contains 100% of healthy energy. We have nothing to hide so here is our list of ingredients: Sparkling water, Organic Japanese matcha, Organic cold-pressed juice, Chlorophyll, Organic natural flavors.

How many calories per can?
Only 10 calories per can.
How much sugar per can?
No sugar at all! Our sparkling drinks are sugar and sweetener free!

Is ToroMatcha actually a good source of energy?
Absolutely. You can try it yourself and see how good you’ll feel. In short, you’ll be energized without the caffeine jitters.

I’d like to try it first. Is that possible?
Absolutely, write to us at and we’ll be happy to help!