ToroMatcha pitched on the show Dans l’œil du dragon

ToroMatcha pitched on the show Dans l’œil du dragon

The founder of the Montreal startup ToroMatcha pitched his concept on May 6 2020 on the show Dans l’œil du dragon. The goal was to close an investment deal with at least one of the Dragons for a sum of $50,000 in exchange of 10% of the company. The founder justifies the modest valuation of the company by the fact that the potential investors are successful business people who can bring much more to the company than just money.

The Dragons, who evaluated the company are:

1. Isabèle Chevalier
2. Marie-Josée Richer
3. Georges Karam
4. Nicolas Duvernois

Oussama was successful to seduce the dragons. Discover what the Dragons said about ToroMatcha by watching the show online on ICI Radio-Canada website.

About ToroMatcha

ToroMatcha manufactures and distributes a line of ready-to-drink matcha beverages.
"Product development has required a lot of R&D and many iterations. We tested the market for over a year before finalizing our recipes and our choice of packaging. The choice of the 355mL slim cans was natural as matcha is associated with healthy energy and the can size is reminiscent of energy drinks" Said Oussama Saoudi, Founder of ToroMatcha.

What is matcha and where does it come from?

Matcha is a powder made by finely grinding the dried leaves of green tea plants. It originated in China and was popularized in Japan by a Buddhist monk in the 12th century. The quality of tea, like wine, depends on the climate and soil of the region where it is grown. This is why the best quality matcha comes from the areas surrounding Kyoto, Japan where the conditions are optimal for tea.

Price and availabilities in Canada

  • ToroMatcha Sparkling Ginger – $2.99
  • ToroMatcha Sparkling Peach – $2.99
  • ToroMatcha Sparkling Lemon Mint – $2.99
  • ToroMatcha Sparkling Pineapple – $2.99

The products are sold online and in stores.

The story behind the company

Oussama discovered and started drinking matcha in 2015 when he was a university student. Matcha replaced his daily coffee and made him feel much more energized and focused. Since then, it became Oussama's mission to make matcha accessible for everyone, everywhere. At 25, he created the first Canadian brand of ready-to-drink matcha and became the first to put it on shelves in Canada.

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