9 celebrities that you didn't know love matcha

9 celebrities that you didn't know love matcha

Celebrities have restless lifestyles, deal with a lot of stress, and need to stay energized while achieving their daily activities. Matcha is definitely the drink of choice to keep them energized! A lot of them already replaced their morning coffee with matcha. Why is matcha becoming their energy drink of choice?

First off, matcha provides a slow and steady flow of caffeine into the system. The energy is received during a long period of time without the jitters associated with coffee. This is due to the fact that most of the caffeine in matcha is bound to larger molecules, which prevents it from being released in a spike.

Secondly, matcha comes packed with good antioxidants. How can any other caffeinated drink be better than matcha? Makes sense that they're all ditching their coffee for matcha! doesn't it?

Here are 9 celebrities that ditched coffee for matcha:

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